Carrington Hut

 Easter 2018

 A really great Easter tramp – let me tell more.

Six of us headed up the Waimak Good Friday and soon passed a group having lunch also on their way to Carrington. We had our lunch at the Anticrow River and decided it was pretty good idea to break into a couple of teams. A fast team to secure six bunks and a not-so-fast team to take their time. It worked! We got bunks in the same room and as it happened the not-so-fast team wasn’t very far behind the fast team anyway.

 Entrée that night (courtesy of Claire & Sergey) was a real cheese fondue with chunks of bread dipped in the nice hot sauce. I ate so much didn’t really need any tea after that.

That night the hut was packed, including people camped up in the porch and camping under the trees. Next morning the rain and strong wind had set in as forecast – a NW front. The hut was mostly emptied by parties heading to Barkers, Park Morpeth and Julia Hut. Late morning Claire & Sergey went for a walk to discover the conditions were pretty atrocious out in the open. We were a bit concerned about the safety of one of the family parties. Claire had anticipated a hut day and had carried in a 500 piece jigsaw of elephants in savannah grass. Took us all day working in shifts, but it was very enjoyable. Snacking, drinking coffee and doing a jigsaw, not a worry in the world!

That night a big alpine party arrived and left in torch light about 4.30am the next day for Barker Hut and Mt Murchison ascent. (Turned back about 200m from the summit). And two guys arrived about 1.00am having taken 10 hours from the car park including crossing the Waimak in the dark.

Next day dawned glorious. Claire, Sergey and Pat got away early for a round trip to Barker Hut and Glenda, Dianna & I left for Waimak Falls Hut round trip. Our trip was fantastic. One of the best day trips I’ve been on in recent times. Big river, big mountains, magnificent alpine valley. Really interesting negotiating our way to the hut (the track disappeared in places), with a 1 hour climb before the hut set in an alpine basin. Just before the hut is the 80m high Waimak Falls into a deep ravine. We had a boil up in the sun admiring the main divide ridge to the NE.

Next day was good again as we packed up and tramped out, stopping at Springfield for afternoon tea.

Personally, I was really maxed out up to Easter so this trip was more than what the Dr could have ordered to refresh, recharge and rejuvenate.

Thanks a lot Claire & Sergey, just loved it!!


 Leaders: Claire & Sergey; Team: Pat, Glenda, Dianna & Dennis